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11 Courses – 

U-Mentor Basic guides you through your entrepreneurship journey through modeling.  In our on demand recorded video courses, we cover concepts that will challenge you to consider and evaluate even your most cherished beliefs and values in order to grow as a person.  Such topics include Understanding, Honesty, Vision, Persistence, Focus, Courage, Intuition, Leadership, Faith and Giving


15 Courses –  (Includes BASIC U-Mentor) 

U-Digital Basic starts your learning into the processes of the digital realm.  As you progress, you will learn what forms digital products take through how to sell OPM, Other People’s Products and ultimately how to create your own products.  Courses include: Foundation of Sustainable Wealth, Time Management, Health For Success, Secret of Lasting Abundance, Finding a Profitable Business, Personal Development, Faith & Success, Internet cash Strategy, Continuity Income and much more.


16 Courses –  (includes BASIC U-Mentor & U-Digital)

U-Network Basic puts together the final piece which is networking and promotion.  You will learn the basics of offline and online networking and well as many promotional methods that will generate traffic, leads and ultimately convert to sales. Courses include: Think and Grow Rich For Networker Marketers, Traffic Techniques, Social Media Basics and the amazing Endless Leads Social Media Lead Generation Course, etc